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Sugar beet pulp is extracted grounded sugar beet and it is the by-product of processing sugar beet. Sugar beet pulp is used for cattle feed.








Yugagroprom Co.,Ltd  is a young and dynamically developing company working on the market for several years. The basic direction of its activity is sale of agricultural production, dry granulated sugar beet pulp, unmolassed, in particular.  Yugagroprom Co.,Ltd  offers its clients high quality of service, reasonable prices, reasonable terms of orders’ fulfulment   and also a wide spectrum of accompanying services.  The company delivers export variant of sugar beet pulp of  high quality and with good parameters of humidity, saccharose and granulars' size. During the season of  beet gathering and processing, the company is ready to deliver any required volume both for the Russian internal market and for foreign market from the enterprises of the Central and Southern areas of Russia.

Sugar beet pulp is extracted grounded sugar beet and it is the by-product of processing sugar beet. Sugar beet pulp is used for cattle feed. Also it is used in the food-processing industry, medicine and pharmacology. There are some kinds of sugar beet pulp:

— Raw sugar beet pulp
— Sour sugar beet pulp
— Tinned sugar beet pulp
— Dried sugar beet pulp
— Molassed sugar beet pulp

Annually, hundred thousand tons of raw sugar beet pulp are produced at the sugar factories of the country. Raw sugar beet pulp is good to be used for cattle feed only in that cases when the distance from the factory to the farm  does not exceed 25 km. because raw sugar beet pulp can be spoilt rather quickly. At the greater distance it is economically effective to dry up the suger beet pulp.

Dried sugar beet pulp does not much differ from raw sugar beet pulp and its nutritiousness may be equated to wheat and rye bran. Dried sugar beet pulp maintains long storage, it is convenient for cattle feed. It is  frequently used as a carbohydrate forage instead of root crops.

Sour sugar beet pulp  is sugar beet pulp which is kept  in a factory storehouse more than 3 days. During  this period of time it gets sour reaction. The cattle eats sour sugar beet pulp  with great pleasure.

Tinned sugar beet pulp is sugar beet pulp which is  undergone to simple siloing  or to siloing with adding acids as substances making  its components more  nutritious. At siloing sugar beet pulp flavouring qualities are improved and losses are reduced.

Molassed sugar beet pulp is the  mixture of raw sugar beet pulp  and dry sugar beet pulp  with molasses.
All listed kinds of sugar beet pulp  are used as a forage for cattle.

Granulated sugar beet pulp can form a basis for various mixed fodders. It  maintains long storage, it is very convenient in transportation and perfectly keeps the properties due to durability of granules. In process of granulating of sugar beet pulp, molasses  can be added to it — beet  treacle. It  helps to  increase the durability of sugar beet pulp granules  and  raise fodder's  value.
Sugar beet pulp is a valuable source of microcells, amino acids and fibers, and can be considered as one of basic elements of forages used in animal industries.

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